For EPR Protection, the skill of the people’s physical protection is a business primarily built on a global vision, combining technique and value. This vision is based on a thorough understanding of current and future risks, the latest professional methods of protection, and that of the customer requiring protection.

This vision has allowed the company to differentiate its service by putting an emphasis on all its four strengths.


In an industry where necessary force is often displayed, EPR Protection favors intelligence. Therefore, each EPR Protection operation is therefore based on an analysis and relevant approach to potential risks. This has allowed it to implement solutions adapted to each situation, thus offering its customers safety, efficiency, and performance.


Due to the ever-changing risks, EPR Protection is constantly listening, in order to properly respond and change its staff’s training accordingly. All EPR Protection agents, who took part in strong basic training, undergo continuous training, allowing them to deal with all emerging risks.


What makes EPR Protection stand out from its competition is its usage of discretion as a method of operation.

Thanks to its industry expertise and 20 years of customer experience, EPR Protection trains its agents so that they can blend into the surrounding environment of the people they are assigned to protect. Their image and that of EPR Protection are not the only things whose value and strength has to be preserved, but also that of their customer is important.


Respect for privacy is the main value in EPR Protection’s established code of ethics. Prior to their first mission, all EPR Protection agents have to sign a confidentiality agreement that imposes strict confidentiality on the content of their missions and what they may see or hear. EPR Protection also agrees to follow its communication policy, which can be found in the confidentiality agreement.