Since 1994, EPR protection has mastered control of its customer security program, attributable to very strong skills acquired internally.

EPR Protection’s leaders actually possess widely recognized human and technological expertise due to their past commitment and knowledge of the sectors of protection, safety, and security,

This recognition allows them to especially be able to use and select the best sector employees depending on the tasks’ nature and context.

    EPR Protection’s organization chart revolves around a directorate-general and four board of directors:

  • Directorate-General: Jacques Lefranc and Pierre Benoist
  • Operations Manager: Jérémy Cart and Jean-Pierre Stomp, who supervise department managers in charge of agents.
  • Human Resources: Fatima Amrani
  • Quality Control: Aurore Darien, also in charge of Quality Training for agents, which is a key sector in which EPR Protection continuously invests to control the quality of its staff and its working methods.
  • Development Director: Jean-Marc Eudeline
  • Mediterranean Area Implanting