The Department of VIP Protection was founded in France in 1994 by then Minister of the Interior, Charles Pasqua. In turn, the Department of VIP Protection founded EPR Protection. Mr.Pasqua’s goal was to respond to physical protection requests of people who were not part of the ministerial order.

For over 20 years, EPR protection has strived to ensure its customers’ physical integrity while respecting its core values: quality, reliability, and discretion.

The implementation of these values, the achievement of complex missions and recognized expertise of its teams have allowed it to become the current French leader in people’s physical protection.


EPR Protection has operations focused on quality and reliability, which are guaranteed to succeed.

  • Since EPR Protection’s inception, it has always organized all its missions using prior risk analysis, which allowing it to bring an achievable solution adapted to each client’s needs
  • For this reason, EPR Protection relies on teams of qualified staff, specifically trained in the company’s methods of operation.


Protection is the key word for EPR.

  • Mainly conceived for its customers who wish to arrange a secret service, because a discreet protection officer is a more effective agent.
  • Also for its unique operation techniques, because techniques unknown to attackers means a strong foundation for successful physical protection.

Completely dedicated since its origin to people’s physical protection, EPR Protection never wanted to expand its operations to other domains, such as security guard services, preferring to concentrate on its core business. This has allowed it to develop protection techniques along with innovative and efficient support, which have widely been acknowledged by its customers.

*Source: Atlas “Security at all times”