Undisputed industry leader since 1994, EPR Protection protects numerous leading figures in diverse sectors such as those of: business, politics, sports, or entertainment; both in France and abroad.

Often hailing from civil or military official circles, all agents are true professionals trained in safety techniques and master the art of prevention and protection. Their business skills, knowledge of psychological aspects, and their physical abilities are all used in the success of their missions. All these qualities and more are attributable to EPR Protection.

Whether undergoing few hour-long missions, 24/7 long-term missions, accompanying expatriates, EPR Protection agents are well-versed in: detection techniques and threats of risk, close combat techniques, dealing with aggressive behavior, or the protection of people on commercial flights.

All EPR Protection Agents are trained in crisis management psychology and essential skills for good management during difficult situations.

The combination of these skills allow EPR Protection to support its clients effectively whether in their professional or private activities, or on the go.